Weapons tracing corporate identity

This identity for Conflict Armament Research sought to establish the NGO as a confident and courageous organisation who track weapons in areas of conflict. Their team of dedicated analysts and investigators are known for their expertise and tireless operations in countries such as Africa, Syria and Iraq. The identity sought to reflect these attributes through a range of media – from their website and reports to presentations, event invitations and banners.

As part of the process of making their reports and materials engaging arresting photography has been used – for their reports I specifically request contextual images of the environments where munitions and weaponry have been located. This gives their reports more interest and relevance and has helped convey the bigger picture when describing their findings.

This identity has enabled CAR project their ability and effectiveness as a partner to governments and other NGOs worldwide.

ClientConflict Armament ResearchServicesDesign, Art DirectionWebsitehttp://www.conflictarm.com

Conflict Armament Research logo
Conflict Armament Research brochure
weapons tracing brochure design - spread
CAR report covers
Conflct Armament Research - ISIS report - spread
digest report design - diversion digest - covers
Frontline Perspectives
event invitation leaflet design - cover
Conflict Armament Research website
Conflict Armament Research website
Conflict Armamanent Research website on mobile
Conflict Armament Research - powerpoint
Conflict Armament Research - powerpoint
Conflict Armament Research banners
Weapons tracing styleguide