Ammunition tracing logo design

This logo was created to promote AmTag, a unique marking solution for ammunition that uses a special mix of rare earth elements.

The logo needed to convey the essence of the product in a simple and scalable form. The resulting motif was born from combining elements of the product’s characteristics – tracing/monitoring, molecules, resilience, and ammunition.

As a central focus, an eagle eye (tracking) was used, combined with a halo (atomic structure/all-encompassing) surrounding a silhouette of ammunition (bullet).

The colour was derived from an eagle’s eye as well as hard-wearing brands and warning signage, all of which led me to settle on yellow and black.

The typography links the word ‘Tag’ and the yellow of the eye to establish and emphasise the relationship between monitoring and ‘tagging’.

I also created the optional strapline to help define the product when space allows.

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Ammunition tracing motif
Ammunition tracing and logotype
Ammunition tracing reference points
Ammunition tracing reference brands and signage
Ammunition tracing colour links
Ammunition tracing logo variants depending on background
Ammunition tracing logo types
Ammunition tracing icon design
Ammunition tracing banner
AmTag collatoral at a presentation at the United Nations.