Web host corporate identity

Bytemark are an award-winning and ethical webhost based in York.

Having worked on their previous branding, I was tasked with updating their materials to strengthen their presence and standing by introducing a more consistent style across a variety of media.

Importantly their existing yellow and blue colour scheme was retained but with differing emphasis (more blue, less yellow) for a more corporate feel.

A distinctive yellow band was introduced as a defining graphic device easily recognised across all media. Additionally a new corporate typeface, Neo Tech, was introduced in order to emphasise the technological nature of the company as well as give it a more distinct style (where previously helvetica was used).

Over the years the identity has grown and encompassed a range of media including websites, leaflets, reports, presentations and stationery,

ClientBytemarkServicesDesign, Art Direction, Document Strategy

Bytemark logo
Bytemark guidelines
Bytemark leaflet
Bytemark leaflet
Bytemark website
Bytemark document hierarchy
Bytemark report
Bytemark report
Bytemark report
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