CBS International

Part of the CBS broadcasting company, CBS Outdoor International is the overarching umbrella organisation for CBS Outdoor worldwide.

The organisation required a set of identity guidelines in order to create consistency throughout the offices across Europe. As inspiration and as a starting point, I used the corporate website as a basis for the design and to create a visual link between the online and offline presence. Logo usage, typography, stationery, covers, powerpoint slides, banners and advertising were some of the elements which were created.

The dynamic ‘swish’ seen in the website was used in a variety of colours with different portions used in isolation as a background image across all materials.

Document covers, in particular, were subject to a structured but flexible framework where imagery and typography could be structured in a variety of ways but still maintaining visual consistency. Digital templates were created to ensure that the guidelines were adhered to and to help make the implementation of the guidelines easier.

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