Theatre company logo design

Little Chico Productions are a murder mystery theatre company who required a logo based on a chihuahua. A motif of said dog was developed with the added element of a bow tie to reinforce the nature of it being an event based organisation.

I designed the dog and the typography to compliment each with the dog looking up at the company name to add a bit of quirkiness.

Typography is a slab-serif typeface, Rockwell, to help differentiate between other organisations of a similar nature and establish a strong typographic starting point for other materials in the future.

Colour consisteed of a burgundy for the main type, sophisticated, a little blood-like offset by a caramel-brown chihuahua.

A Word template was created for the letterhead which helped the client produce letters.

ClientLittle Chico ProductionsServicesDesign, Art Direction

Little Chico logo
Little Chico letterhead
Little Chico website