Aerospace brochure design

This brochure was designed to promote Hawksland Associates various service offerings from strategy and operations to technology. With well-known clients in their portfolio and experience in multi-million dollar projects, the brochure had to strike a balance between being informative and engaging.

The pages are divided into two – one side conveying detail and the other a simple statement and arresting image coupled with a description which highlights a positive benefit of the organisation’s approach. A copywriter helped craft and establish a tone of voice as well as keeping everything succinct and meaningful.

The brochure has been used at high level meetings in Europe and the Middle East to great success.

ClientHawksland AssociatesServicesDesign, Art Direction, Copywriting

aerospace brochure design - cover
aerospace brochure design - introduction
aerospace brochure design - case studies spread
aerospace brochure design - about spread
aerospace brochure design - team
aerospace brochure design - spread