Landscape design corporate identity

William Curtis, an estanlished Cotswolds garden designer, aimed to revamp his brand to compete with larger firms and attract high-end clients. He specializes in natural swimming pools—organic, lake-like environments promoting environmental sustainability alongside landscape design, planting, and maintenance.

A stylized ‘W’ shaped like a flower became the centerpiece of the brand identity, echoing classic garden designs. Merriweather, a serif typeface, added a classic touch to the modern motif. The color palette featured dark blue for sophistication and barley for warmth.

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William Curtis - Motif
William Curtis Landscape and Garden Design
William Curtis - Logo landscape solid
William Curtis - Logo landscape colour reverse
William Curtis - Logo portrait solid
William Curtis - Logo portrait reverse colour
William Curtis Business Cards
landscape and garden brochure design - front cover
landscape and garden brochure design - inside spread
William Curtis - Van render
William Curtis - shirt render
William Curtis - Guidelines cover
William Curtis - Guidelines spread