Raw Umber Studios

Raw Umber Studios are a Stroud-based art studio who host leading artists for its myriad of art classes. The studio required a poster, advert, leaflet and concertina leaflet.

The designs all have a similar structure with key elements such as a vertical strip of repeating text to highlight the nature of the promotion, logo position and footer. The use of ‘strips’ to contain images allows for a more interesting and focused approach to displaying artwork.

Alongside their umber colour, I introduced ochre as a means to give the materials interest and add a bit of playfulness to the typography – highlighting key words for example. Umber is one one of the first pigments to have been used by humans as was ochre – so this combination seemed appropriate and natural.

I also copywrote a number of elements to help clarify their offering and to help with audience engagement – this included more interesting titles for the poster and advert as well as supporting copy.

I established the use of a QR code to allow potential customers to access the relevant part of their website and improve/help with customer engagement.

The end result is a confident, contemporary and playful series of materials which establish a strong baseline for further projects.

ClientRaw Umber StudiosServicesDesign and art direction